Quality of Care

The facility and staff at Prairie Surgicare are tailored to spine pain and care, and boast years of experience doing such, working specifically to protocols.

Accelerated Recoveries

We have revolutionized our procedures and technologies

These protocols enable us to perform minimally invasive procedures, resulting in expedited and accelerated patient recovery. Most Lumbar Spine Fusion patients require a hospital stay of three or more days, whereas at our facility, Lumbar Spine Fusion patients are able to go home hours after the procedure. Our implemented protocols and techniques have allowed us to do this for the past several years. We have revolutionized our procedures and technologies so patients can achieve their medical goals without the highly-invasive procedures that require longer recovery times. Our patients witness the same, if not better, results from our minimally invasive procedures, and are able to get back to their lives with enhanced, accelerated recoveries.