Facility Quality Metrics

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We strive to give patients the very best care there is. Prairie SurgiCare uses nationally pooled tracking to see how our care stands up against other practices. With satisfied patients that were treated at our practice, we are proud to rate higher overall than the national average based on 7 important categories. The information shows our statistics over the past few years and how we compared to the national average.

There are two separate surveys given to patients as one is for surgical patients and the other is for pain management patients.

2017 2018 2019 National Avg.
Overall Score 96.5 97.0 99.0 94.4
Facility 97.3 97.4 100 94.5
People 97.1 97.7 99.6 95.4
Personal 97.8 97.7 98.3 95.2
Process 83.2 94.7 97.2 92.9
Confidence in Care 98.3 98.6 100 96.4
Will recommend 98.3 98.6 100 95.8
2017 2018 2019 National Avg.
Overall Score 95.4 94.3 96 94.4
Facility 96.3 96.2 98.2 94.5
People 98.5 96.2 98.4 95.4
Personal 97.4 96.4 96.8 95.2
Process 89.9 88.9 91.3 92.9
Confidence in Care 97.0 97.7 95.3 95.2
Will recommend 98.1 97.6 96.8 94.7
Why Choose Prairie Surgicare
Prairie Surgicare is the area’s foremost facility for minimally invasive and outpatient spine surgery. Our facility promotes ease of mind and relaxation.
Costs & Lower Price

With a full understanding of the skyrocketing price of healthcare, we sought to create a facility that can control all components of costs, preventing the potential for cost escalation that is exhibited at other facilities. We offer extremely valuable care for the medical dollar. Commited to providing the best in physical care and a beautiful atmosphere that is conducive to recovery,  along with positive outcomes.

Boutique Atmosphere

Patients enjoy one-on-one nurse care and private rooms that allow for the entire family to be present. We believe the more relaxed the patient is, the better the overall outcome. We designed our fully accredited AAAC facility with a boutique atmosphere, featuring a luxurious fireplace, Tempurpedic guest beds, calming artwork, and more, to keep our patients and loved ones at ease throughout their stay.

Quality & Rating

The facility is fully accredited by AAAC, boasting a perfect score. Infection rate is less than one in a thousand, as compared to that of hospitals which can reach up to 4%. Our state–of–the–art facility is specifically designed for spine care, resulting in both positive outcomes on all major procedures and achieving nationally–recognized benchmarks.

Nursing Staff

Prairie Surgicare has worked hard to provide one–to–one nursing staff, unlike hospitals that require nurses to care for four or more patients at a time. Our team of experts works together to establish an extremely cohesive environment that results in more positive outcomes, quicker recovery times, and overall happier patient experiences.